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Novosibirsk region
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The questionnaire of the Сlinic Sanitas

Questionnaire for applicants for treatment at the Сlinic "Sanitas" under the program " cerebral palsy»

For more comfortable accommodation in the hospital, please fill questionnaire:


Download the list of tests and conditions of hospitalization:    Gospitalizaciya_i_anketa.docx

Dear parents, we bring to your attention that without a preliminary examination (specified in the list of mandatory examination) of the child, the clinic reserves the right to refuse to conduct basic therapy.

We remind you that at the time of hospitalization, the patient should not have an acute illness or exacerbation of concomitant chronic disease, as this may lead to a refusal to conduct basic therapy or an increase in the length of hospital stay. Payment for additional nights and therapy is made at the expense of the patient.

In the absence of places in the clinic, accompanying (except the parent and the child) can stay in the hotel "Poseidon" (1500 meters from the clinic). Hotel address Iskitim, South district 55A. Information about the hotel can be found on the website.

It is desirable to send scanned tickets 2 weeks before arrival. In the later you submit the questionnaire, additional space maintainer is not guaranteed

► Admission of patients to the hospital is carried out until 9:00 am of the appointed date of hospitalization !

► Patients who have had pneumonia, in the next 6 months should provide radiography of the lungs !

List of mandatory tests for admission to the clinic

For a child:

■ General blood test with bleeding duration and clotting time (valid for 15 days).

■ Biochemical blood test: total protein, bilirubin, blood sugar, ALT, AST, urea, creatinine, fibrinogen, PTI, PTV). (valid for 30 days).

■ Blood for hepatitis B, C (Express method, valid for 6 months).

■ Blood on RW and HIV (valid for 15 days).

■ General urine test (valid for 15 days).

■ A feces on eggs of worms (valid for 15 days).

■ ECG. (valid for 6 months). In the presence of gross changes in ECG, heart ultrasound and consultation with a cardiologist.

■ Pediatrician examination (valid for 15 days).

■ Neurologist examination (valid for 15 days).

■ Certificate of quarantine that the child has no infections (three days before admission to the hospital).

■ It is obligatory to provide data (discharge summary) on hospitalizations in inpatient departments (if any) for the last 6 months.

Tests for parents (accompanying)

■ fluorography (valid for 6 months).

■ Blood RW.


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