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Autism treatment

We do neurometabolic therapy in this pathology, sometimes in combination with M2 macrophages therapy. All treatment solutions are made individually based on medical history of patient. You can read more about treatment methods on the corresponding page.

New method of autism treatment

Antioxidant, charged droppers - liquid glucose/Ringer's solutionIntestinal irrigation with mineral antioxidant solutions followed by sharing it with normal microflora specially grown in the laboratory environment. - Implantation of microflora into the intestine.

Physics of method

As it well known human body consist of water for 70-80%. Our cells swimming in this water as fish in aquarium. Our water has strictly structured form, which is close to crystal structure of ice, it's alkaline and charged negatively. In other words, all our cells feeded with small negatively charged "batteries", which supply their work. In normal condition this charge is allways below zero and in range from (-70mV) to (-100mV).

Under influence of unfavorable external ( increased radiation level - computers, radio and cellphones, bad manufacture, stress, nikotine, food stuffed with preservatives, dyes, etc. ) and internal ( the end products of metabolism, poisons and toxins, produced by parasites and absorbed from intestine because of dysbiosis and others ) factors, there are free radicals occur in human body - toxic, "naked" connections, they want to "wear", so they attack cells and rob them for electrons.

Every minute our cells are being attacked by more than 100 000 of free radicals. In the result of these longtime attacks, "battery" gradually becomes empty, charge of cells falls low, they start to work bad, as a result, metabolic processes violated in them, cell scorifies, wears down, loses vital functions, become old and die. In inflammatory diseases charge falls to -40mV, in oncological to -30mV and less.

So, there is task to remove toxins from body and recover cell's charge. Antioxidants can solve this task - connections with one loosely coupled electron, which can be freely given to free radical, so it stabilizes and becomes harmless for body. But, since one antioxidant molecule brings only one electron, there was idea to make substance with smaller molecules, which can give more electrons and be harmless for body.

It is water liquid processed in a special manner, which include big amount of negatively charged iones of H (hydrogene) and also iones of Na, K, Ca, Mg ,etc. In this way there was antioxidant water liquid made, which neutralizes free radicals in human body, lightly penetrating into cells, charging and supplying them by giving them electrons. Moreover, negative ions search for problem areas by themselves and eliminate them. With help of these liquid human body can regain life energy, which was given to him after birth. Cells recover their work and lost functions. So, there is gradually, physiological, selfhealing process of cells and entiry body with a result as healing various chronic diseases.


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