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Treatment with M2-like macrophages and other cells

Briefly about macrophages:

Macrophages have key role players in tissue reparation. They have neuroprotective effect and stimulate axonal growth and myelination. We developed method of M2 macrophages generation with significant regenerative potential. Use of M2 macrophages is safe and effective method of Cerebral Palsy treatment. You can read more about our results and get more detailed information about macrophages in the corresponding page.

Treatment technique

We accept patients from 1,5 year old (adults included). During treatment patients must have no acute respiratory infection symptoms and no chronic condition complications.
Duration of staying in hospital - 10 days.
On the next day after admission, we install peripheral catheter or subclavian catheter anesthetized ( one or another we decide individually for patient case) and get 50-100ml peripheral blood sample , amount depends on patient's weight.
Next, we send samples to Institute of Clinical Immunology of Russian Academy on Medical Sciences, Novosibirsk, RF.
Period of M2 macrophages cultivation is 5-7 days (individually for each patient).
After 7-8 days after cultivation we do anesthetized endolumbar introduction of cells. Endolumbar introduction (injection in the lumbar portion of the spinal cord, lumbar puncture). Currently, it's the most effective way to transport cells to brain. Neither intravenous, nor subcutaneous introduction do not provide enough cells into brain to start reparative processes. After 1-2 days patient can be discharged from the hospital.
Amount of injections is individual, but no more than 3 times. It depends on the patient's health condition after introduction of cells and clinical effects. The clinical effects are spasticity decreasing, rising of physical activity, spasm attack reduction, in psycho-motor development for children with bulbar disorders are drooling decreasing, pharyngeal effect arising, children begin to hold head, seat.

Treatment with cytokines

We started this method recently, results are in processing stage so far.


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