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My son is 6 years old, in 2015 he was diagnosed with sensorimotor alalia, we regularly visit all kinds of doctors, but all their predictions were not comforting. In the kindergarten, where we take the child, there is a boy with a similar diagnosis, when his parents talked about replanting macrophages and how this affected their son, we immediately decided what to do. The day after replanting, my son stopped mowing his eyes, and now he already has a large vocabulary, he very well recites poems and sings songs! Thank you so much for answering all the questions when we were preparing the documents, watching us before and after the operation, and special thanks to Marina Yuryevna, with whom we still communicate. Thank you for what you do for our children.

Zhorik's mam

We are 3 years old, one survived sibling, was born with 640g weight, 7 months on MV. A lot of diagnoses. Were on 2 injections in China and on 1 in Sanitas Novosibirsk, i'm looking forward for october to go to Sanitas again. We have epilepsy, had Depakine and Keppra and Sabril, seizures were constantly and only in Sanitas we were prescribed for finlepsin for 200rubles and seizures were gone, it turned out that we have tonic seizures and for 3 years were treated wrong. On the first day after injection kid started to drink from cup, i had unlimitly surprised, but Marina Iurevna said that there is nothing to be surprised of. Now it is 3 months after injection, we chew better, we mostly don't use blender, if previously we didn't know what are hands for, now we can hold toy and fold the blanket, we have no seizures and most important for me - at last we sleep at night, for 3 years i could only dream about it.


My son was born healthy, but at 5 months old he had severe meningoencephalitis, 3 weeks on MV. After that he lost all abilities and reaction on surrounding world. 2 times we were on treatment by Marina Iurevna at Sanitas clinic. There was full recovery of optic nerves after first injection ( was PONA - partial optic nerve atrophy), beta and alpha rythms appeared on EEG, kid began to laugh with sound, when i tickled him, and finally he was able to get his arm into the mouth ( missed before ). It is too early to say about results after second treatment, but i'm pretty sure they certainly will be good !!


Immense gratitude and a low bow to those who really helped Vika.Those who never stayed away, those who day and night answer the phone. Those who do not sleep at night, and thought how best to carry out the operation, which will help and save our Vic. Thank you all for your kindness and prayers. In particular, I want to thank the doctors of Novosibirsk from the bottom of my heart, namely; Polovnikov Evgeny, member of the all-Russian society of pediatric neurosurgeons. At the moment he is the head of the neurosurgical Department of the children's city clinical hospital№1 in Novosibirsk. Has the highest qualification category. Kafanova M. Yu., doctor-neuro-surgeon of higher category, PhD Alexander Shcherbakov, member of the all-Russian society of pediatric neurosurgeons, member of the Siberian Association of neurosurgeons. It is them and their families want to wish just all the best and clean.Stay the same with your heart and soul! Thank you for saving my daughter's life twice!

Olga Litvinenko

My Kirill is only 3 years old, and since then, we have been trying to put him on his feet, no one wanted to take us because of frequent epileptic seizures. Neurosurgeons Novosibirsk responded to help us, after the first cell infusion after 5 hours, the child began to squint into the light! Now vision has not yet come completely. Also, the child lost seizures of epilepsy which to date have not been observed, and greatly reduced spasticity of the limbs, we began to actively move the legs and arms. After the second stage of rehabilitation therapy, which we passed in February 2015, the child has significant improvements: we started to crawl on the Plastun, sit with support, stand for more than 30 minutes, with difficulty, but make our first steps. we are trying to speak, we already know 10 letters of the alphabet. You have no idea what a joy it is to see that your kindred blood, though hard, but there are notable successes, and we are not going to stop there and will go forward to new victories!!!! Thank you very much For your good

Nina Yudina

Valentin 5 years, cerebral palsy form of heavy. In March 2016, the macrophages were made a second time, if I am not mistaken, the procedure is called immunotherapy for the restoration of the brain, the results of the second procedure are too early to talk, but after the first procedure, the son began to show more emotions, began to choose what he wants to eat and what cartoons he wants to watch!!! After waking up he meets us with a smile!!! Was to keep his head, there was a focus on hand, maybe for two hours, without the voltage standing on the standing frame. Removed the blender, it felt good to swallow! Now we will wait for new results, and they will be, I'm sure! We want to say a big thank you to Marina Kafanova That she gives us hope! All the staff of the clinic "Sanitas" all professionals, very sensitive and kind! Good Luck!


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